River Trip

I was fortunate to be invited on a river trip earlier this month.  I was invited for an overnight river trip on the racoon river.  There were 5 of us on this trip.

We got all of our geared loaded up and we set out for the put in location.  The put in location was highly congested with many people preparing for a party down the river.  It was a little nerve-racking trying to get all of our stuff into the canoes and kayaks and into the water with so many people around trying to get their tubes, beer and music launched down the river.


We started out with no incident and paddle for about 45 minutes before we came to a beach where a party had formed from everyone floating down the river.  We pulled off and found us a seat in the river where we could enjoy a few beers and a little relaxation before heading back on the river.


After about an hour break a couple of beers and some new friends we decided it was time to get back on the water.  We had a great trip down the river.  All of the tubers got off a few miles down from the party beach but we kept going.  This is when we had a chance to really soak in the environment and listen to nature.


Camp Alpha.  We found the perfect beach to set up camp and call it a night.  I really can’t remember another night as perfect for camping.  That night was the perfect temperature, no bugs and  no wind.  I couldn’t believe how comfortable that night around the fire was and how fortunate we were to be camping on that night.

After eating breakfast it appeared a storm was rolling in.  We had to make a decision of either leave asap or wait it out.  We decided to wait it out

We decided to wait it out.

The wind picked up and all of our stuff was blowing around.  We were all running around picking up the loose items and securing them for the big storm.  The sky had gotten dark and the temperature had dropped.  We gathered around the fire waiting, waiting, waiting some more.  Oh, Here comes the sun!  We were fortunate to miss the storm, only a few raindrops nothing to be concerned about.

We finally set out but it was late to be leaving camp and trying to make it another 10 miles.  We ended up leaving camp at 3:30, it was later than we would normally leave but we were trying to wait out the storm that never came.

A few hours later we made it to our take out.  A successful trip! I am ready for many more.

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